以150万美元的资金提升,以下是YC支持的Explorex将如何通过其FU彻底改变餐饮业ll-stack solution

Y-Combinator支持的Explorex Technologies正在求解订单管理,运营管理,在线交付,付款处理,报告和分析以及来宾身份认同和重新参与,所有这些都使用一个系统,用于印度的3000万次餐厅。

以150万美元的资金提升,以下是YC支持的Explorex将如何通过其FU彻底改变餐饮业ll-stack solution

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总部位于班加罗尔的La Casa Microbrewery的所有者Sujay每天都为他的员工从后台工作如何工作,直到每天晚上3点都对笨拙的销售点的报告感叹,因为他无法从家里访问这些信息。休闲餐馆特许经营Barkaas的所有者Gowtham已与10多个不同的技术提供商签约,并且不断地陷入电话,试图使系统合作。像Sujay和Gowtham一样,几位不满的餐馆老板花了宝贵的时间将其不同的系统与这种零散的数字化进行调和。

To solve this need, Mainak Sarkar and Pritam Khan, friends from IIT-Kharagpur, founded Explorex Technologies in 2020.Explorex正如Mainak所说,这不是常规的SaaS平台,而是一家“超越软件”公司。从本质上讲,它正在为餐饮业建立一个生态系统,它可以通过关心每个人的需求并满足他们的需求,从而使业主,员工和他们的客户的生活变得轻松。它通过解决订单管理,运营管理,在线交付,付款处理,报告和分析以及来宾身份识别和重新参与的订单管理,运营管理,交付,付款处理,报告和重新参与,为印度的3000万次餐厅建立了全栈解决方案。

The journey so far

Back in 2017, when Mainak and Pritam began toying with their startup idea, they hoped to take their passion for small businesses to build a technology platform for an industry that wasn’t benefiting much from the digital innovation unlike other industries. Their first startup ‘Eatable’ started as a simple idea conceived in a local restaurant over a shared meal.

“How do we build a mobile app that can streamline the ordering and payment experience at restaurants? We had seen the potential for digital solutions like BookMyShow, Uber, Swiggy, etc to transform businesses, and we noticed how hard the owners of our favourite local spots were working to make up for the shortcomings of their existing technology,” recalls Mainak. However, their first attempt at solving this problem with Eatable failed miserably. It was too difficult to integrate with legacy systems, and they were not able to fathom the immense challenges of running a restaurant. It was then that they decided to go door-to-door, listening to restaurant operators.

“与所有者,运营商和员工紧密合作,我们很快了解了餐饮业对现有的本地销售点系统和巨大的分离点解决方案生态系统的不满。我们意识到餐馆无法创新的原因是因为他们的技术的局限性以及缺乏理解它们的真正合作伙伴的原因。” Mainak补充说。


Here's where Mainak and Pritam realised what the restaurant industry was looking for. The market is flooded with a whole host of restaurant technology – almost every task in a restaurant, right from taking an order to mixing a drink to scheduling shifts, can now be managed with a layer of software. All promise to make the complicated business of running a restaurant less so. But there was a desperate need to eliminate this patchwork quilt of tech products.


How it works

Explorexleverages a full-stack operating system designed to suit all the needs of the restaurant industry. Its robust restaurant operating system is called Bridge OS since it bridges all of the gaps and challenges that restaurants encounter today. With Bridge OS, Explorex assists the restaurant’s management team with - digitising the orders via QR code ordering, payment collection tool, guest data collection and recognition tool, inventory and recipe management tool, and financial management tool.

Bridge OS allows its partners to manage all their restaurant operations, and all its dynamic needs, from one single device, on a single dashboard that integrates all aggregators, from anywhere at all. From processing and overseeing orders, table management, KOT management, billing, to transaction management – everything can be easily managed under one dashboard. Furthermore, restaurateurscan manage their从一台设备,甚至是手机上的详细的分析和报告,都可以从一家设备上进行详细的分析和报告。这不仅照顾去不同的第三方网站管理日常运营的麻烦,而且节省了3倍的时间 - 在动态餐厅行业中,这是一项不可能昂贵的资产。

Not just a separate dashboard for its partners, Bridge OS comes with complete digital automation. Any diner who visits the eatery would interact with the guest interface of Explorex, that allows access to a full digital menu with all of the benefits associated with it, access to preferred mode of payment, and a call-for-assistance feature that allows you to get the assistance you need with as minimal human interaction as possible.

Bridge OS还可以让餐馆老板根据其实时的喜好来设计餐厅菜单。通过各种自定义,厨师可以提前计划,以确保目标食客拥有最好的体验。通过菜单工程,餐厅老板也可以控制库存。Bridge允许库存管理跟踪供应并提前做好准备,从而节省了时间和资本。


This Y-Combinator-backed company is currently working with 150+ live restaurants and has 500+ restaurants on the waitlist. “Our biggest win, so far, would be to build a strong foundation in Bengaluru with happy clients and being able to spread to other parts of the country in a short span of time. We are building just that and our growing list of partners adds to our confidence and belief that we are heading in the right direction,” says Mainak.

In addition to YC, Explorex has raised a pre-seed of $1.5 million from backers like NY-based VC Fund HOF Capital, Japan’s largest POS Company Smaregi, Zentani Capital, Sevenstars Capital, Enrinson, Twitch’s Kevin Lin, Kaleyra’s Anikheth Jain, MyAsiaVC Sajid Rahman and Relief Technologies’ Taher Savliwala, among others. It is also in advanced stage talks to raise another $5 million in the seed round.